Undercarriages for mobile and static homes

When designing and producing a chassis or undercarriage, everything is related to everything else. The dimensions and weight of the home to be built on the chassis are important . Also whether there will be axles and wheels or not. Is it to be a mobile home or a permanent prefabricated home? Thomassen Metaalbouw supplies the best undercarriages for both options.

Mobile homes

The undercarriages of Thomassen Metaalbouw are used for:

  • chalets
  • mobile homes
  • home care units
  • tiny houses
  • beach houses
  • caravans

If we supply the chassis for the above mobile homes, they will include matching axles and wheels.

Permanent homes

Thomassen Metaalbouw can also supply the chassis for your chalet, home care unit and tiny house for permanent residence. They may include a concrete floor with hidden floor insulation. Whether for mobile homes or permanent prefabricated homes, Thomassen Metaalbouw delivers quality customized products.