Thomassen Metaalbouw: no-nonsense in chassis and frame construction

Since 1975, the number of satisfied customers putting their trust in Thomassen Metaalbouw has been growing. Our customers are companies constructing mobile homes. We are also happy to take on orders to build undercarriages or chassis for prefabricated homes. Both groups of customers will benefit from our knowledge and experience. Customers can rely on our no-nonsense attitude to deliver what was asked for.

Thomassen Metaalbouw: we have warmed to steel

How can you feel warmed to a product like steel? Builders using wood often find this incomprehensible. To us, steel is the perfect material. We can bend it to our will and shape any required steel profiles. Do you prefer a mobile home with a specially shaped bay window? We can build the undercarriage or chassis adapted to your wish. Thomassen Metaalbouw designers do not like to give no for an answer. You may hold us to that.

Large volumes and customization

The set-up of the production lines in our production hall in Veenendaal allows for quick switching. This makes it possible to produce large volumes in a short period. Large volumes as well as customized products? Yes indeed. We always keep production capacity free to combine large volumes with customization. This is the strong part of the no-nonsense attitude of Thomassen Metaalbouw.

Thomassen Metaalbouw: chassis with something extra

In 1975, Thomassen Metaalbouw started as a small workshop. It developed into the present company that is still growing. Our success has not gone to our heads. We are happy to work for customers who order large volumes at one time. We are just as happy to work for the small chalet builder who orders one or two chassis at a time. So, if you are going to build your own mobile home, the first thing you should do is give us a call. We will deliver the chassis you need and we will go a step further. We are glad to share our knowledge and expertise on specific superstructures, axles, wheels and more.