The accessories of Thomassen Metaalwerk can also be custom made

The broad package of accessories provided by Thomassen Metaalbouw. Including axles and wheels that fit the chassis and frames for chalets, mobile homes, home care units, tiny houses, etc. Also metal staircases, metal fences or metal frames for outdoor fences. We are happy to provide customized services, tailored to the customer's needs. When it comes to accessories, we are broad-based and extremely resourceful.

Axles and wheels

Thomassen Metaalbouw accessories include the axles and wheels to be mounted on chassis for mobile homes, chalets or home care units. These must be able to bear a certain load. Axles and wheels are important parts of the chassis. They must be a perfect match to structure weight and use of the home.

Example: for mobile beach houses, we will put real all-terrain tyres around the rims. They will prove their worth once the beach house is pulled through the loose sand to its seasonal spot. For other applications we will use aircraft tyres with a large load capacity. We make the same kind of consideration when selecting axles. We will produce them in the strength needed.

New and used

Axles, axle journals and wheels. Can be ordered separately. In all grades and categories. In small and large volumes. New or used. The rims and bearings we use on new chassis are always new. The tyres do not have to be new. There we look primarily at functionality. We will provide products that fully meet the intended use.


As a chalet builder, your craft is making attractive wood frame constructions. It is our challenge to make the most of the possibilities of steel. In this sense, we can be your partner when it comes to the production of all kinds of metal work to complete a chalet, mobile home, tiny house or home care unit These may include an access staircase with or without railings, balustrades around the porch or posts for the porch. We provide these accessories as a custom fit to your chassis or frames. Where necessary, we will hot-dip galvanize and/or powder coat the products as a preservation. You can incorporate them into your chalets, mobile homes, tiny houses, beach houses, or home care units.