Full-sized chassis for tiny houses

Thomassen Metaalbouw also makes chassis for the highly sought-after tiny houses. These tiny homes provide permanent or recreational housing for people who want to live minimalist lives. Simple and with as little material objects as possible. However, our production process for this chassis is not minimalist. They meet the same quality standards as all our other chassis.

Chassis for tiny houses

For tiny houses, we will not need to build the longest and widest undercarriages But even for this chassis, we think in terms of customization We make these bases with or without axles and wheels. As mobile homes or as permanent prefabricated homes.We work with proven structural steel that is practically indestructible.

Different sizes

We build the chassis for the tiny houses in the size you want. We calculate the strength and load-bearing capacity of an undercarriage based on the superstructure volume. If it is desirable for the permit to build the chassis for the tiny house according to the requirements of the European Union Directive 2013, we will be happy to realize it for you.

The same quality requirements

A chassis for a tiny house has a different load capacity than the chassis for a complete chalet. Nevertheless, we still use the same quality requirements for all undercarriages, even when it comes to the preservation of the steel. Do you prefer hot-dip galvanizing as the most sustainable solution? We can do this for you. If you prefer less, we can preserve our chassis with black coating, with a two-layer coating or with a powder coating. Feel free to ask about all the preservation options and their benefits. We focus on your needs as much as possible when building the bases for tiny houses.

Bijpassende chassis

Chassis 2 meters

up to 16 meters / up to 12 tons

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Chassis 2.75 meter

up to 16 meter / up to 12 tons

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Flat frames

up to 18 meters / Tonnage as desired

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