Chassis for caravans: customized and fast delivery

The caravan as a special form of housing is increasingly taking on the appearance of a complete home. For the private market, for corporations and municipalities, state-of-the-art trailers are designed and built. Thomassen Metaalbouw provides a solid base with high quality undercarriages for this special residential facility. The same is true of the axles and wheels, although these are becoming more and more symbolic.

Chassis for caravans: one meter above ground level

The chassis built by Thomassen Metaalbouw for caravans meet all requirements in terms of load capacity. The modern caravan is increasingly taking on the appearance of a complete home. Constructed of wood frame construction and often thermally insulated, modern trailers come very close to the requirements we have for ordinary homes. For the perception of the residents, it is important that they live at one meter above ground level. The chassis for caravans that we build in our production hall can be placed on a foundation of wooden or concrete sleepers. Residents have the experience of living in an authentic caravan, with all the luxuries of a normal house, on one of our chassis.

Chassis for caravans: with or without axles and wheels

A caravan must always be moveable according to the building code. This is why we provide the undercarriages for caravans and trailers as standard including axles and wheels. As movability for the average residential volumes can also be achieved by using flatbed trailers, cranes and specialized transport companies, the use of axles and wheels today is primarily symbolic. In consultation, we can deliver the chassis for caravans without axles and wheels. Whichever option you go for, our delivery times are relatively short.

Chassis well preserved

Thomassen Metaalbouw does more than just building caravans chassis. We also preserve them well. As standard we deliver them in a black coating. If you prefer we can also apply two-layer coatings, powder coating or hot-dip galvanize them. Depending, of course, on the wishes of the future residents.

Bijpassende chassis

VRO 3.5 / 2.0 meter

up to 18 meters / up to 12 tons

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