Modern mobile homes require reliable chassis

Until time ago, mobile homes were just rectangular aluminum boxes. These days have gone. Structures have become more solid and heavy-duty to provide more comfort. This development made more demands on the undercarriages or chassis of modern mobile homes. Thomassen Metaalbouw went along with the new designs. We will supply the chassis for the mobile homes you are making. In large volumes if desired.

Chassis for mobile homes

Of course, we can supply the traditional size chassis for mobile homes. But when your mobile homes have a different length or width, you can depend on Thomassen Metaalbouw. We provide customization, also for undercarriages of mobile homes.

The advantage of aluminium superstructures is their light weight. Now that most mobile homes are wood-frame constructions with higher net weights, we make chassis that provide a reliable basis for modern mobile homes in terms of weight. If you need an undercarriage made in accordance with the 2013 European Union Directive, we can build it for you.

Finishing and conservation

As a builder, you want to deliver attractive mobile homes to your end customer. Attractive mobile homes on a frame made by Thomassen Metaalbouw, are your clients’ guarantee for a solid reliable home. For high-quality steel. For high-quality welds. For sound conservation. We deliver the chassis in black coating. Options are double-coated, hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated. At Thomassen Metaalbouw, we do not like to say ‘Sorry, we cannot’.

Chassis for mobile homes with something extra

We make beautiful steel constructions. But we do more. We add the axles to match the weight of the mobile home. To the axles we add the appropriate rims and tyres. New or used. Quality is our core value. Customization is our added value. We deliver chassis and undercarriages anywhere in the Netherlands or Europe.

Bijpassende chassis

Chassis 2 meters

up to 16 meters / up to 12 tons

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Chassis 2.75 meter

up to 16 meter / up to 12 tons

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Chassis 3.50 / 2.75 meters standard

up to 16 meters / up to 12 tons

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Flat frames

up to 18 meters / Tonnage as desired

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