High-quality chassis for informal care / home care units

The demand for informal care / home care units is growing. Parents moving into their adult children's yard or backyard in order to get informal care. Thomassen Metaalbouw produces high quality chassis or undercarriages for these home care units. Chassis that are virtually indestructible.

Chassis for informal care / home care units

Whether the end customer wants to install a home care unit as a mobile home or as permanent home, Thomassen Metaalbouw will make the chassis to measure.We also produce chassis that meet building codes Some home care units are smaller than others For the undercarriage of the home care unit, this does not matter We provide customization for length, width and carrying capacity If the home care unit is installed as a mobile home, we always supply the appropriate axles and wheels To do this, we make exact calculations of the load capacity that the axles and wheels must provide If a permit requires that the chassis for home care unit be delivered in accordance with the European Union Directive 2013, we will do this.

We make the chassis that is needed

The ideal home for informal care is different for everyone. These homes are always a mix of functionality and comfort. Whatever the mix, whatever the content of the home, Thomassen Metaalbouw will make the chassis needed. We provide a solid finish and preservation. As a standard we deliver our bases with black coating. It is also possible to have them double-coated, hot-dip galvanized or powder coated. Whether the volumes are large or small, Thomassen Metaalbouw will deliver the undercarriages of the home care units relatively quickly. When your order is ready, we can deliver the chassis wherever you wish in the Netherlands or Europe.

Bijpassende chassis

Flat frames

up to 18 meters / Tonnage as desired

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VRO 3.5 / 2.0 meter

up to 18 meters / up to 12 tons

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Chassis 3.50 / 2.75 meters standard

up to 16 meters / up to 12 tons

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